Rental House Loans

I’ve just started a new program that some people really like, it’s my 5 year 10.00% interest only loan. (Colorado properties ONLY)

Here’s how it works:

You own a rental house you want to keep but for whatever reason you can’t or won’t get a nice low interest long term bank loan.

Here’s what I’ll do:

I will lend you up to 70.00% of it’s current value at 10.00% less a 5.00% loan fee. You will be required to make monthly interest only payments. There are generally NO qualifying questions or forms to fill out except a brief application just so I’ll know who I’m dealing with.

THAT’S IT. Under some circumstances these loan make sense. E-mail me at ¬†and let’s see what you’ve got. ( NOTE: I travel a lot in my RV because I’m basically retired, so e-mail generally works a lot better than phone calls)